WlToys V977 Review: The RTF Heli

It’s a gorgeous, clear afternoon with a minimal breeze. There’s a large field stretching out in front of you. This is a perfect day to fly your R/C helicopter.

What’s that? You don’t have an RC helicopter, or you want to invest in a new one for a reasonable price that has enough power to meet your needs? If so, the WLToys V977 claims to be a good option. Does it live up to its claims? That is what I set out to find out in this WlToys V977 Review.

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 What is the V977

The V977 from WlToys is a perfect micro helicopter for both beginners and advanced pilots. For beginners, it features flight assistance mode, which will prevent crashes for those pilots not accustomed to flying a collective pitch helicopter while aiding with stability for those who have little experience.

When you have become more advanced, however, you can turn the flight assistance mode off and control the V977 entirely on your own.

This heli also features a brushless motor, meaning that you will have all the power for truly astounding flights. Brushless motors also last much longer than brushed motors.

Finally, since this is a micro helicopter, it is incredibly portable. Simply pick this up and put it in your car and then every day with suitable breezes will be the perfect day to fly.

The maker of this helicopter, WlToys, began operations in 2011. They are located in Guangdong, China and make a wide variety of quality R/C helicopters as well as cars.

What’s In the Box

  • V977 Helicopter
  • 2.4 GHZ Transmitter for flying the helicopter
  • Instruction manual
  • Extra main blades
  • Rotor blades
  • Main gear
  • Tools for replacing parts
  • 3.7V 450 MA battery
  • USB charging cable

First Thoughts

 WlToys did an amazing job on the packaging for this helicopter. The helicopter itself, along with the transmitter and all accessories have their own separate compartments within the larger box and are held in with foam. This prevents them from bumping together in transit and components being broken.

The package also states a number of things about this helicopter, including the fact that it can switch between three and six channels, making it even more appropriate for those just learning to fly.


This is an attractive little helicopter. The design is very sleek, and colors may vary. Also, the canopy of this heli is a one-piece design, which means that it will not split on you if you happen to get into a crash. Furthermore, the tail boom is made of metal, so that it can take the impact of a crash without breaking quite as easily. If you do crash, parts for this helicopter are relatively easy to find.

You may have to buy certain parts from China, but most are readily available from suppliers in America, which cuts down your delivery time dramatically. You will be able to get back to flying sooner. Also, though the main motor is brushless, the tail motor is not. It is a good idea to buy a few extra tail motors to replace them as they wear out.

The main body of the V977, and in fact everything but the tail boom is made of a light, durable plastic and the helicopter measures 10.6 inches in length from the tip of the canopy to the end of the tail motor. The only problem with the design is that it is a little heavier than comparable micro helicopters, meaning that it will take a little longer to ascend.

How Does It Work?

The V977 has a 2.4 GHZ transmitter. This means that you will be able to fly freely without having to worry about who else may be flying as well without frequency jamming. The transmitter will simply pick the nearest open frequency to switch to.

As mentioned before, this helicopter also has a flight assistance mode. As a beginner, start out with your helicopter on three channel mode and with flight assistance turned on. You won’t be able to do any fancy tricks, but you will have fewer crashes as well until you get the hang of flying.

When you think you have the hang of three-channel, flip your heli over to six channels and watch the fun really begin.

Flight times on the stock battery are about five minutes, so you might want to upgrade your helicopter to a stronger battery.

How does it Fly?

Being a collective pitch helicopter, the V977 can produce both positive and negative thrust. That means that under the right circumstances and with good piloting, it can perform some truly amazing aerobatics. Beyond that, this heli flies extremely nicely. Simply charge the battery and you’ll be up in the air in no time.

Takeoff is a breeze. When the battery is fully charged, it only takes a few minutes to set up the whole helicopter and be out there flying it.

You can fly this micro helicopter in either three-channel or six-channel mode, depending on your skill level and comfort with the helicopter. That means it will grow with your ability of flight for quite a while without getting boring.


That’s the end of the WlToys V977 review. This is an amazing helicopter. It works exactly as advertised and lives up to all its claims. It is a helicopter that will grow with your skill level until you are ready to fly something bigger and more advanced while still remaining versatile. If you want a heli that is small enough to fly in your backyard or indoors, this is the perfect heli for that type of flight.

As a bonus, replacement parts for this model are easy to find and relatively cheap. The parts support from the company is also good. This means that you can replace any parts that wear out or that are broken in a crash and that you will have this helicopter for years to come.

The only two downsides to this helicopter are that it is a tiny bit heavy so ascents are not quite as fast as some other micro helicopters and that the battery life is a bit lackluster. With all that said, however, this is still a good helicopter and definitely worth the money if you are looking for an inexpensive heli to take flying the next time the day is perfect.

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