WowWee REV Review: The Robotic Cars

wowwee rev review

What is the WowWee REV?

WowWee REV has exploded onto the toy market scene and is now riding the wave of success as the new generation, battle toy car.  Matchbox, move over and heed a grand welcome to the future of playtime.

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This revolutionary new concept of Robotic Enhanced Vehicle has the guarantee of providing hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike, while making use of the latest understanding in Artificial Intelligence as well as featuring BeaconSense technology.  It also sports a top of the range indoor GPS system for navigation purposes, which it uses for feeling its way around corners and not ramming straight into walls.

When we first heard about the WowWee REV, we assumed it was a similar version to the Anki Overdrive. However, we soon came to realize that they were very much different toys. We created this WowWee REV review in order to see if it was worth the purchase or not. What can it do? Is it worth the hype? Well, let’s find out!

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WowWee REV Video

If you haven’t seen the WowWee REV in action before, feel free to check out the video below!

- Can play with other people or AI
- Not limited to a track
- Does surprisingly well on carpets (the thinner the better)
- Very durable
- Does not come with batteries
- Not for outdoor use

WowWee REV Specs

Length: 4 inchesHeight: 6.9 inches
Weight: 1.9 poundsMaterial: Plastic
Works With: Both iOS and AndroidRecommended Age: 8+

Items Included

  • 2 REV cars
  • Instructions

If you want the ramp and the recharging kit, you’ll have to either purchase them separately, or purchase the bundle.

Getting Started

Your start-up box includes two cars.  You need to install the free REV app available on Google play and the App Store onto the device you plan to use for your gaming, whether it’s your mobile phone or tablet.  You then connect your iOS or Android device using the Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

WowWee REV App

Syncing the app to your vehicle is then simple.  There are no passwords or codes needed.  Once the app is installed, hold your device above the vehicle you want to control and wait for the almost immediate connection, and you’re good to go for hours of unlimited gameplay.

A word of warning though, please make sure your device is compatible with the app before buying.  Without being able to link your device to the unit, the cars are inoperable.  There were reports of the Samsung Galaxy 4 on Verizon not being able to link with the vehicle, but the app has since been updated and now the Samsung 4 works perfectly with the REV system.


The controls are extremely sensitive and it takes some time and skill to master all the right moves, but once you get it under control, the fun just never stops.

There are two control modes, dual and single toggle control. With the single toggle control, you use one finger to steer and thrust the car, and with the Dual control you use one finger for going forward and backwards, the other finger to steer. We found that the Dual mode was a bit easier to use.

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The rugged, compact and iron strong bodywork ensures you can drive your REV on basically any terrain or surface, but hardwood floors, thin carpeting, cement or tiles work best and no play mat or track is required or needed.  Rough concrete floors and paving outside tend to hamper the fluid movement of the cars.


  • The AI controlled REV is designed to think, drive and battle by itself.  No human needed.
  • The BeaconSense technology ensures that your two vehicles always know where they are in relation to each other, with a range of up to 5 meters.
  • The REV can track and trace in real time, which basically means the AI vehicle is always aware and knowledgeable of the status of the other vehicle.  If you’re damaged it will come racing in for the kill with teeth bared.  If it should become damaged, it runs and hides, giving it time to heal itself.  Damage to a unit is kept track of and appears as a red blinking light.
  • Real world scenarios are what make this so much fun.  It simulates real life collisions and impacts, and reacts accordingly.
  • The units themselves are strong, hefty and durable.  Sound effects are programmed in, and include boot-up, power-down, engine revving and guns firing.
  • Make sure you have 8 x AA batteries on hand (4 per car, which is not included in your initial start-up box), but consider investing in some rechargeable batteries.  You certainly don’t want to run out of power at a critical moment.

Game Modes

The game choices available range between solo combat against Artificial Intelligence game mode or a multiplayer game for you and a friend. Decide if you want to play as a team or individually and set your game mode accordingly.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that playing against the machine or AI will be simple.  It was designed to think, drive and battle for itself, and it’s a mean fighting machine.  Do not underestimate its abilities!

Arena Mode:  This is the default mode you’ll automatically be taken to once your device is linked with the R.A.V.

Campaign Mode: has you fighting all your enemies, from Drivers to Warriors to Bosses.  You’ll have to beat the A.I. character you’re tasked with before being able to move on to the next one.  Once beaten, your enemy’s weapons and specials now become your property and are automatically linked into your profile.

Multiplayer Mode: has you playing against multiple cars at once, with up to 16 different units being able to join in the fun.

Quick Play Mode: is a fast paced, miniature battle against human or AI.

The app should be updated regularly as the company claims they will be adding additional game modes as they become available.

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Gameplay and Opponents

Your first mission will be to slay the drivers, each with his own speed, strength and firepower.  These include and range from Apex 01 through to Apex 06.

You then move on to the REV warriors who are stronger and quicker than the drivers.  Get ready to fight Themisto, Breakout, Overdrive, Scattershield, Whiplash and Torque.

To prove yourself the best all round player, you will have to battle it out with the REV bosses.  These are your most terrifying rivals yet.  Get ready for Nitrus, Rumble, Titan and Octane.

Every AI opponent has their own range of skill set, weapons and special moves.  By defeating each you will earn various rewards including EMP’s, Air Strikes, Land Mines and more.


You’ll have a choice array of weapons to choose from for your annihilation strategy, including Gamma Heavy, Aeon Mech, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Blaster and Plasma Cannon.


  • Make use of the SmartRamp to literally take flight off the ramp.
  • Unlock enhanced weaponry like Sentry Guns and Tractor Beams.
  • Be sure to enhance your game play to be able to plant mines to destroy your enemy, heal faster and much more.

Our Verdict

That concludes our WowWee REV review! There were many positives to the REV, and although it is limited to indoor use and hard floors/thin carpets, we felt that it was still worth getting. Overall, this is a great toy for young and old alike and will make an awesome birthday or Christmas gift.

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