Zoomer Chimp Review: The Robotic Monkey

zoomer chimp review

Chimps have captivated humankind since the 1960s when Jane Goodall did her studies of our closest primate relatives. They are much like us in a lot of ways. They form social groups and use tools. Chimps are fascinating, but until now the closest most of us would ever get to one was in a zoo exhibit.

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Spinmaster’s popular Zoomer line is expanding once again. This time, they are releasing the Zoomer Chimp, your new robotic best friend. Just like Jane studied chimps, we studied the Zoomer Chimp to learn more about him so that we could compile all of that information into this Zoomer Chimp review. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Who is Zoomer Chimp?

Zoomer Chimp is a very lifelike robotic chimp. He features an animated face, voice commands, color-changing eyes and the ability to move around on his own. He also features several modes of play, and can follow you around. He can even guard your stuff from nosy younger siblings, pets, or anything that goes in front of him.

What’s In the Box?

  • Zoomer Chimp robotic pet
  • Charger cable for charging the included lithium batteries
  • Instruction manual

First Thoughts

zoomerchimppckgThe package for your Zoomer Chimp is very detailed. The picture on the front of the box shows the chimp in a jungle background and lists some of the things he can do like voice commands.

The back of the box goes into more detail, explaining further features of the chimp and showing another picture of him. The carry handle for the box is actually shaped like a banana which we thought was pretty cute.

Removing the chimp from the box is relatively easy. Simply pop the tape on the outer box and slide out the inner packaging. The chimp is held in with twist ties so you will need scissors.

Once your Zoomer Chimp is out of his box, it is time to plug him in, charge him and start the fun!



Zoomer Chimp is a brown and tan robotic chimpanzee. He stands fourteen inches high and eight inches wide. He can balance and move just like a real chimp, on all fours or upright.

He moves around on four wheels on his feet, just like the other Zoomer robots. He has an expressive face and light-up eyes that tell you how he is feeling. For example, if his eyes are blue it means he is curious and if they are red it means he is angry.

Your Zoomer Chimp contains a variety of sensors and has several buttons. On top of his head he has a voice commands button. He has a tricks button on his back and sensors in his eyes and nose.

Zoomer chimp, like all Zoomer robots is made of highly durable plastic. He isn’t likely to break if  you drop him. He is a toy that will last you for years to come.

How Does It Work?

Zoomer Chimp features a number of technologies. He has sensors that allow him to interact with his world, allowing him to detect your touch. Sensors in his eyes also allow him to detect changes in light and guard your possessions.

He also utilizes voice recognition technology. This Chimp knows over one-hundred tricks, and perhaps more excitingly, he uses a new technology called progressive Play. Progressive Play technology means that your chimp will not simply repeat the same canned responses over and over. The more you play with your Zoomer Chimp, the more he will learn.

Your Zoomer Chimp also features True Balance technology. This technology allows your Chimp to roll, flip and balance himself with perfect ease. He stands on his back feet, as well as being able to run on all fours, just like a real chimp.

To show you how he is feeling, your new primate has a variety of facial expressions as well as color-changing eyes. These eyes  can tell you exactly what mood your chimp is in as well as when his battery is low.

Speaking of batteries, Zoomer Chimp can get thirty minutes of play with each charge. His eyes will turn green when charging and blue to tell you that he is completely charged.

Voice Commands

Your new robotic chimp recognizes several easy-to-remember voice commands.

Let’s Dance

When you say Let’s Dance, Zoomer Chimp dances. He wiggles his hips, moves his hands and spins in circles.

Go Bananas

Saying “Go Bananas” results in your Zoomer Chimp spinning excitedly in circles while screeching wildly.


When you say “Flip” your Zoomer Chimp does just that. He completely does a flip and lands back on his feet.

Chimp Talk

This command allows your Zoomer Chimp to talk. He doesn’t exactly speak English, but if you talk to him, he will respond.

Follow Me

This one is exactly what it says on the tin. Say “Follow me.” and your Zoomer chimp will follow you around the room.

Guard Me

Your new chimp can guard your possessions. If anything goes in front of his eyes, they will turn red and he will charge the intruder.

Stand Up

When you tell your Zoomer chimp “Stand up” he will do just that, rearing onto his hind legs and balancing.

Sit Down

Telling your chimp to sit down will make him sit like a person.

Do A Trick

Tell your Zoomer Chimp to do a trick. He will do one of a hundred tricks, at random.

Sing a Song

Telling your Zoomer Chimp to sing a song will result in some wonderful music.


Progressive Play

Your new Zoomer Chimp features progressive Play. This innovative new technology means that your new robotic friend will continue to amaze you the more you play with him. The more you interact, the more your chimp learns and the more he can do. Because of this technology, your chimp will not respond to the same command the same way twice.

Object Detection

Your Zoomer Chimp can detect objects and move around them. However, he must be run on a flat surface. He doesn’t do stairs and will fall off them. However, it is perfectly safe to let him explore a room. When he gets tired of exploring, he will lie down and fall asleep, including snoring.

Lifelike Emotions

Just like a real pet, Zoomer Chimp shows emotions. He can be happy, excited, curious, angry or afraid. His color-changing LED eyes will tell you his mood. However, that is not the only way to tell. Your Zoomer Chimp can make many facial expressions. These expressions are another good indicator of how he is feeling at a given moment.


That’s the end of our Zoomer Chimp review! Zoomer Chimp was a lot of fun. We would strongly recommend this toy for anyone aged five and up though he is simple enough to operate that younger children can play with him with adult supervision.

We only found one downside to this robot. The battery life is really short, at half an hour for a full charge. Also, if you buy the wall adapter (sold separately), charging will be much faster.

Beyond that one downside, we couldn’t find anything we disliked about this little monkey. You could even say we went bananas for him.

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