Zoomer Dino Review: A Roaring Good Time

zoomer dino review

What kid doesn’t want a dinosaur? We can’t think of a single kid who at some point hasn’t wanted one of the big, scaly reptiles as a friend. Who are we kidding? Grown-ups want dinosaur friends, to. That is why we were so excited when we heard about the product we’re reviewing today, the Zoomer Dino from Spinmaster.

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Spinmaster has been producing excellent quality toys for a global market since 1994. While not entirely a robotics company, they have been producing innovative Toy of the Year nominated robots for several years. So without further ado, let’s get started with the Zoomer Dino review!

Who is the Zoomer Dino?

The Zoomer Dino is a roaring, rampaging dinosaur with the tagline “Control him if you can.” He is a self-balancing robot who can right himself if he falls over, which is a bonus as he falls over frequently. He is very expressive and lifelike, boasting colored LED eyes that change colors depending on his mood, a control pod which you can use to steer him and a movable head and tail. He can also detect objects in his environment and avoid them with skill.

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Zoomer Dino Specs

Length: 8 inchesHeight: 14 inches
Weight: 2 poundsMaterial: Plastic
Works With: Control podRecommended Age: 3+

What Do You Get?

There are several things in Zoomer’s box that you should take note of.

  • Zoomer Dino
  • Zoomer Dino robotic dino pet
  • Control pod for controlling your Zoomer dino. (Takes three AAA batteries not included)
  • USB cable for recharging your dinosaur.
  • Instruction manual.

First Thoughts

The Zoomer Dino packaging is sturdy and features colorful illustrations of your new dino pet. The cardboard is shiny and looks as if it would hold up well. Further, it has a carry handle which will allow you to store your new pet away and carry him around. Opening the box will require a simple pair of scissors. There are a few pieces of tape to cut to open the upper flap. The Zoomer Dino is held in his box with several taped down twist ties. Just clip these and he comes right out with no difficulty.

Zoomer Dino Video

If this is your first time hearing about the Zoomer Dino, check out the video below!

- Various modes
- Realistic sound effects
- Eyes are LED lights to let you know his mood
- Multi-directional
- Falls down often
- gesture commands are iffy


The Zoomer Dino resembles a T-rex dinosaur. His body is mainly green, with some yellow details. He stands at fourteen inches tall and 9.2 inches wide and features sensors both on his nose and tail.

The sensors on his nose help him sense where you are and what hand gestures you are making. The sensors on his tail tell him if you are attempting to grab or pull his tail. Just like a real pet, Zoomer Dino doesn’t like having his tail grabbed. This will make him angry, and he responds to other forms of touch in a much more friendly manner. A gentle stroke will make his eyes turn green with happiness. Zoomer Dino is made of sturdy plastic and looks like a toy that could take years of play from most children.

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How does He Work?

Zoomer Dino features True Balance technology. This allows him to balance on his own and right himself if he falls over. Furthermore, he can recognize hand gestures, interact to touch and has color-change LED eyes to let you know his mood.

The Zoomer Dino also features wheels on his feet which means he rolls instead of walking, but the wheels are tough, sturdy and multi-directional, meaning he can take on a wide variety of flat surfaces with ease.

Zoomer Dino is a rechargeable toy. He can get about half an hour of charge time on a single, hour-long charge. You’ll know that he is done charging when his eyes turn red.


The Zoomer Dino comes packed with features that will make anyone happy, no matter if that is a child or an adult. Firstly, this lovable dinosaur can be controlled via a remote control. If his LED eyes are yellow, it means you are controlling him. In this mode, Zoomer is controlled via the control pod, a small device that comes with him. This device has a button you hold down and a joystick used for steering Zoomer. These controls are satisfying when mastered but can be very hard to master for young children of about five or six.

Along with controlling Zoomer Dino by remote control, you can teach him several touch gestures. These are difficult to execute and may also be frustrating for young children. However, like the general remote controls, these are extremely satisfying if you manage them.

When Zoomer Dino is left to his own devices, his eyes turn green. This is a sign he is in a very good mood. If you put down the controller, he will wander around the room on his own. He will bump into objects and walls. He might even fall over.

However, never fear. Unless he falls onto his back, he can get up on his own. There is a button on the remote that will tell him to get up. This is truly fascinating to watch. As he is roaming around the room, he will laugh, fart, roar and make other noises. He may even sit down. If you leave him for too long, however, he will sit down and go into sleep mode, conserving your batteries.

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Sometimes Zoomer Dino’s eyes flash different colors. This means he has entered rave mode. In this mode, our personal favorite as usual, he makes music like sounds and dances to the beat.

Curious mode is also a lot of fun. In this mode, Zoomer explores his environment and tries to discover what things are by sniffing. It is absolutely adorable to watch him sniff at objects.

Training mode is activated when you press the button on Zoomer Dino’s back. Wave your hand in front of him to make him whip his tail. Hold your hand in front of his nose to get him to sit. When he is sitting, hold your hand in front of his nose a second time to make him roar, er we mean speak.

Zoomer’s final mode is angry. In this mode, his eyes are red and he rampages around the room roaring. It is truly an impressive site to see an enraged dinosaur. Either push the button on his control pod to activate angry mode or simply grab at his tail.


This concludes our Zoomer Dino review! This is an entertaining toy for those three and up, and one the adults will enjoy just as much as the children. It falls over frequently but can right itself, and the sound effects are terrific. The only possible downsides are the inability to control this dino and the difficulty of mastering the gesture commands. However, if you or your child are patient and have long attention spans, this can be a really fun toy. We give it two claws, er we mean thumbs up.

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