Zoomer Kitty Review: The Robot Kitty

zoomer kitty review

Do you or your children want a kitten but have an apartment or a rental house that doesn’t allow pets? Are you allergic to pet dander? ? Do you not want to have to change litter boxes? If you answered yes to these questions, maybe the Zoomer Kitty by Spinmaster is the perfect fit for your household. Is she just as good as a real pet? Is she worth the price point? That is what we set out to discover with this Zoomer Kitty review.

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Who is Zoomer Kitty?

Zoomer Kitty is the newest addition to the Zoomer line of robotic pets from Spinmaster. This cat is adorable and incredibly lifelike. She can purr, dance, cuddle with you, and even follow her own cat toy on a string, or your hand. She can also be mischievous and pounce, just like a real pet. She has LED eyes that tell you her moods and a variety of sound effects and movements, guaranteed to engage your kids.

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Zoomer Kitty Specs

Length: 8 inchesHeight: 9.25 inches
Weight: 1 OunceMaterial: Plastic
Works With: Does not use any appsRecommended Age: 5+

Inside the Box

  • Zoomer robotic kitty
  • USB charging cable for charging your robotic cat
  • Cat toy on a string
  • Snap-on tail
  • Instruction manual

First Thoughts

The Zoomer Kitty’s packaging has a lot of detail. The front shows an illustration of the Zoomer Kitty as well as listing all the marvelous things she can do. It also explains that she comes with her own cat toy ball which she can follow. Zoomer Kitty and all her accessories are held in with twist ties, so a knife will be needed to cut those.


Zoomer kitties come in a variety of different colors including blue, pink, black-and-white, solid black and tabby, and each one has a specific name though this doesn’t have anything to do with playing with them. It is just a nice fact to know. They also possess color-changing LED eyes that indicate your kitty’s mood and the mode she is currently in as well as touch sensors in the head, ears and cheeks for all those cuddly moments.

Zoomer Kitty stands eight inches high and twelve inches long. from nose to tail

The Zoomer Kitty also has an autonomous mode. In this mode, she can wander around and explore and can even follow you. Zoomer Kitty, like the other Zoomer pets, should always be run on a flat surface. She does not do stairs.

Zoomer Kitty is made of durable plastic. If she falls over or is dropped, she will be just fine.

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Zoomer Kitty Video

Watch the video below to check out the Zoomer Kitty!

- Various modes
- Interactive
- Durable
- Purrs are realistic
- Great for no-pet apartments
- Short battery life
- Sensors could be improved

How Does She Work?

The Zoomer Kitty features Truevision technology. This means that when you play with her, she can actually see your hands. She can also follow you, or her interactive cat toy. She features multi-directional wheels which allow her to roll around the floor or any flat surfaces. She does not have obstacle detection capabilities so she is likely to wander into things at least some of the time and you may have to rescue her from walls and under chairs and that can be a bit of a downside.

Zoomer Kitty  has a rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery. Her charge time is about an hour. While she is charging, her eyes glow red to indicate the fact. When she is finished, her eyes will turn green. This means it is time to unplug the USB, turn her on and play!

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Zoomer Kitty features four modes of play. In autonomous mode, she wanders around, exploring her environment like a real cat. She does not have obstacle recognition, so don’t let her wander too far. However, she can and will follow your hand or her toy in this mode and doing so makes her very happy.

You can also pet your Zoomer Kitty in this mode. If you pet her she will purr and her eyes might turn light pink to show you how happy she is.

The second mode is play mode. In this mode, you can teach your Zoomer Kitty secret hidden tricks. She can say “I love you”, dance for you or even sing a little song. She really steps up her liveliness in this mode.

The third mode the Zoomer Kitty has is cuddle mode. In this mode, she becomes an absolute snuggler. She’ll stretch, knead the ground and nuzzle against you as you pet her. She loves to be cuddled. However, do not pet her too hard or she will hiss, growl, get annoyed and roll away, just like a real kitty.

Zoomer Kitty’s fourth and final mode is pounce. In this mode, she will excitedly pounce forward at anything that breaks her line of sight.

Special Features

There are a few more special features of the Zoomer Kitty that we also want to discuss. If you lay her on her side or leave her alone too long, your kitty will go into sleep mode and save your battery. Also, many people find Zoomer Kitty to be quite loud. If you find this to be the case, she does have a setting to lower the volume. Simply hold down the back button as you turn her on. This will make her quieter, and easier on your ears.


This concludes our Zoomer Kitty review! Overall, she is an amazing interactive kitty. She is extremely expressive and lifelike and has a lot of real kitty movements and the color-changing LED eyes are a huge plus. They show you not only what mood your kitty companion is in but what mode she is in as well. She is just like a real cat in a lot of ways.

However, there are a few small downsides. For some people, the charge time may seem rather short, as you get only half an hour of play on an hour charge. Furthermore, this kitty does not have any way to recognize obstacles in her environment which means you may occasionally have to rescue her.  If you don’t rescue her, she will simply fall asleep after a bit.

Despite these downsides, we still think that a Zoomer Kitty would be a good fit for most households with children aged five and up.

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